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1SNA291713R2600 - ABB 1SNA291713R2600, FED8.3L END SECTION

1SNA291713R2600 - ABB
This product is discontinued and Replaced by a newer model. Replacement 1SNK708911R0000

The wide scope for control & power industrial applications

The well known historical range is available in screw clamp and stud technologies with a large choice of sections and colour variants. Qualified for standard and power applications up to 300 mm2 (1000 kcmil )

Main benefits
  • Ease the identification of functions inside cabinet thanks to large range of coloured variants
  • The SNA connection technologies (screw clamp, and stud) eliminate the need for retightening campaigns thanks dedicated anti-release system
  • Avoid mounting and wiring errors thanks to asymmetrical design
  • Allow installation flexibility with extra mounting options such as TS32 rail,panel or plate
  • 50% faster assembly time thanks to the locking pin : 10 pre-assembled blocks plugged-in on rail at a time
  • Elimination of faulty manouvers thanks to screw type jumper bars.
Main features
  • Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 300 mm˛ (22 AWG to 1000kcmil)
  • Technologies : screw clamp, stud
  • Available functions : feed-through, ground, disconnect, fuse, single to triple deck, test & measurement
  • Power stud range available with stud-stud or stud-screw clamp technologies.
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