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1SAJ924001R0050 - ABB 1SAJ924001R0050, PDX11-FBP.500, EXTENSION CABLE, 5

1SAJ924001R0050 - ABB
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1SAJ924001R0050 - ABB 1SAJ924001R0050, PDX11-FBP.500, EXTENSION CABLE, 5

ABB's communications product family comprises a range of switching and automation components that can be easily combined with all common standard fieldbus systems.

One device for all fieldbuses

Each complete unit and each function module within the product family has a fieldbus-neutral interface. A specially pre-assembled connection cable acts as a communicative link to its bus-specific plug interface. Process flexibility, transparency and reliability are thereby easily attained. The connection, operating and diagnosis elements are fitted on the front of all units in the series, making for very convenient handling.

The components

The FieldBusPlug lies at the heart of the product family's communications.
These plugs link devices and combinations of devices with different functions and characteristics as well as connecting standard sensors to automation units. The product family also includes a wide range of switching and automation modules, available in power levels suited to real-life applications, e.g. devices for engine protection and control as well as standard sensors.

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