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1SAR503141R0002 - ABB 1SAR503141R0002, SAFETY RELAY,TIME DEL,24VAC

1SAR503141R0002 - ABB
Manufacturer SKU: 1SAR503141R0002
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1SAR503141R0002 - ABB 1SAR503141R0002, SAFETY RELAY,TIME DEL,24VAC

The RT series consists of universal relays that have the most common functions used in safety situations. These safety relays can supervise both your safety devices and the internal safety of your machinery. In addition you can select the safety level required for each installation.

The BT series consist of safety relays designed to connect safety devices, such as emergency stops, directly in the voltage supply circuit to the relay. Despite a compact width of 22.5 mm the relays are very powerful. These relays can also be used as expansion relays for Pluto to increase the number of outputs.

The JSB series consist of specialized safety relays for e.g. two hand devices with dual channel synchronization.

Main benefits
  • Less inventory since the universal relay is used for all type of safety devices
  • Fast exchange thanks to removable terminal blocks
  • Easier troubleshooting with information output
  • Up to PL e/Cat 4, SIL3
  • LED indication on front for fast diagnostic
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