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1SNA607204R1600 - ABB 1SNA607204R1600, D2,5/5 OBOC 0100 OPTO 24VDC

1SNA607204R1600 - ABB
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1SNA607204R1600 - ABB 1SNA607204R1600, D2,5/5 OBOC 0100 OPTO 24VDC

In today's automation systems, PLCs are the core of industry. They link sensors and actuators to the process, which are connected to the PLC via conventional wires. However these PLCs are not completely isolated from the industrial environment, hence over voltage picks and transient currents can affect their operating functions. And additionally, their application field is often limited to 24 VDC / 100 mA. So, with the aim to adapt application voltage and/or current and provide as well the right electrical isolation to the PLC, it is recommended to install per I/O the right interface providing both voltage-current level adaptation and isolation protection. This interfacing is possible thanks to ABB's relays and optocouplers ranges, which offer wide adaptation in both voltage (from 5 to 400 V) and current (from 10-7 to 16 A) as well as high isolation between input and output from 2 to 4 KV.

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