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1SNA684212R2200 - ABB 1SNA684212R2200, ILPH RS422-485/RS422-RS485

1SNA684212R2200 - ABB
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1SNA684212R2200 - ABB 1SNA684212R2200, ILPH RS422-485/RS422-RS485

Applications for analog signal processing and correct solution using CC-E and CC-U converters
Nearly every process includes a control system that receives data by means of analog signals and then evaluates the data and sets the re-spective parameters correspondingly.

In the field of industrial data transmission, various processes of data transmission and interfaces are used today. Already existing systems need to be updated or connected to new devices for continuity of process. When new communication functions are not build-in, ABB propose a range of converters to be able to use from the standard RS232 or RS485, to the Ethernet open products or the Optical fiber.

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