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1SL0858A00 - ABB 1SL0858A00, IP65-SM-LO LID-310X240X110

1SL0858A00 - ABB
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1SL0858A00 - ABB 1SL0858A00, IP65-SM-LO LID-310X240X110

In the preparation of insulating panels in low voltage, the Gemini series of ABB ensures maximum protection and proper operating condition of all equipment modular.

ABB SACE's Gemini range is revolutionizing the market of low voltage electric insulating switchboards. The reason for this is that it is the first switchboard made of thermoplastic material, to which the co-injection molding technique gives the same mechanical characteristics as polyester. This means that it is extremely sturdy, with its rigid covering and expanded internal core. Moreover, it contains no fibreglass, a material that with time rises to the surface, jeopardizing operation and safety of switchboards made og polyester with which it is usually mixed.

Gemini switchboards have IP66 degree of protection (IP30 with the door open and with the appropriate components installed) and a very high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents. This is the reason why Gemini guarantees excellent performances even in particularly severe operating conditions. In distribution and mixed applications, the Gemini switchboard is designed to be fitted with System pro M modular devices and Tmax moulded-case circuit breakers.

Gemini switchboards are designed to be perfectly compatible with ABB components for low voltage control and monitoring. For these applications they can be equipped with modular devices belonging to the System pro M range, with Tmax moulded-case circuit-breakers and control and signaling devices, creating a truly integrated automation system. When deciding the Gemini layout for control and monitoring applications, not only is it possible to select the box and door in the required size, but you can also select the base plate in one of the three versions in the range.

After wiring with the ducts and the Fix-O-Rapid device, the special standard adjustable feet and hooks must be fitted onto the base plate, allowing it to be inserted inside the box at up to seven different depths and three further levels of adjustment: no tools need to be used to carry out these operations. To finish the job, the inner door can be mounted (reversible and made of insulating material), guaranteeing IP30 degree of protection when the switchboard door is open. No tools are needed unless the inner door is equipped with pushbuttons, warning lights, etc.

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