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1SDA014140R1 - ABB 1SDA014140R1, SHUNT TRIP,SOR 220/230V,S6-S7

1SDA014140R1 - ABB
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1SDA014140R1SACE Isomax S is a project which evolves continually and is today the largest and most complete family of low voltage moulded-case circuit-breakers on the market, able to fulfil all installation requirements, from the small user up to large industrial electrical power distribution plants.

Innovation, Technology and Quality have always been the main guides for ABB SACE in developing products and are at their peak in the SACE Isomax S series - the moulded-case circuit-breakers characterised by high quality, reliability, and performance under all conditions, simplicity of installation and safety of operation. The continual and constant evolution of the series has led to further extending the range of products, thereby making the SACE Isomax S offer increasingly complete over time.

The series, which is divided rationally into eight basic sizes from S1 to S8, does, in fact, consist of different ranges destined to fulfil any installation need in a specific and optimal way.

The completeness of the series can also be noted in better rationalisation of use: the overall dimensions, methods of installation and possibility of applying accessories are all the same, regardless of the type of range the circuit-breaker is placed in.

Great importance is also put on the microprocessor-based electronic releases (mounted on the circuit-breakers starting from 160A): SACE PR211/P, PR212/P and SACE PR212/MP (International ABB SACE Patent), specifically designed to actuate dedi-cated functions for motor starting and protection.

Thanks to innovative and state-of-the-art protection functions, they ensure reliability and precision and are unaf-fected by electromagnetic interference. A basic characteristic of these types of releases is their ability to communicate and dialogue with the SACE SD-View 810 self-configuring software, thereby allowing full integration of the circuit-breakers in the management logics relative to electric network supervision and control systems.

The SACE Isomax S family is divided into eight basic sizes, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7 and S8 with rated uninterrupted currents from 125 to 3200A.

The types of devices consist of: fixed, plug-in and withdraw-able circuit-breakers with seven ultimate rated breaking ca-pacity levels - from 16 to 200kA (380-415V) - identified by the letters: B, N, S, H, L, V, X.

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