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1SDA038009R1 - ABB 1SDA038009R1, TRIP UNIT PR112 LSIG E1/E6

1SDA038009R1 - ABB
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Part Number: 1SDA038009R1

1SDA038009R1 - ABB 1SDA038009R1, TRIP UNIT PR112 LSIG E1/E6

A complete range of moulded case circuit-breakers up to 3200 A.

Circuit-breakers in Tmax family are available in different breaking capacities and different rated uninterrupted currents. All the circuit-breakers, both three-pole and four-pole, are available in the fixed version; sizes T4 and T5 in the plug-in version and T4, T5, T6, and T7 also in the withdrawable one.

The Tmax family is enriched with the Tmax T8 size, which allows 3200 A to be reached. Also available in the 2000 A and 2500 A frames, Tmax T8 is equipped with the same electronic trip units as Tmax T7, thereby guaranteeing extremely high performances able to satisfy all installation requirements.

Main benefits
  • The electric arc interruption system used on the SACE Tmax circuit-breakers allows very high value of short-circuit currents of to be interrupted extremely rapidly.
  • The considerable opening speed of the contacts, the dynamic blasting action carried out by the magnetic field and the structure of the arcing chamber contribute to extinguishing the arc in the shortest possible time, notably limiting the value of the specific let-through energy and the current peak.
  • There is a special range for photovoltaic applications.
  • There is a special range for applications at variable frequency.
  • A special range, called 50°C, is equipped with a thermomagnetic trip unit, able to convey 100% of the rated current even when used at 50°C ambient temperature.
Main features
  • A stored energy motor can be used to open and close the circuit-breaker on which it is installed.
  • Operating mechanisms and locks.
  • Rotary handle operating mechanism facilitates the circuit-breaker opening and closing operations thanks to its ergonomic handgrip.
  • Padlocks and key locks inhibit the mechanical opening and closing operations of the circuit-breaker, depending on the type used.
  • Mechanical interlocks prevent two circuit-breakers from closing at the same time.
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