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1SFA890000R9000 - ABB 1SFA890000R9000, PST DEMO CASE

1SFA890000R9000 - ABB
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1SFA890000R9000 - ABB 1SFA890000R9000, PST DEMO CASE

The PST(B) softstarter is the most advanced softstarter in the ABB product portfolio. It is equipped with almost all imaginable features making it the ideal choice for most applications.

Torque control

ABB's torque control function is developed together with eliminating problems with water hammering and pressure surges.

By-pass for energy saving

By-passing the softstarter after reaching full voltage saves energy and reduces heat generation. The PST softstarters are equipped with extra terminals making the connection of an external by-pass contactor easier and allow all protection features to be active during by-pass. The PST(B) comes with ABB's AF contactor already built-in, ensuring a compact starting solution requiring minimal wiring.

Advanced protections

The PST(B) softstarters are equipped with almost all protections imaginable for protecting the motor, the softstarter and the application. To offer more flexibility, all protections can be tailored to your specific needs.

Flexible analog output

The analog output terminals can be connected to an analog current meter to show the current during operation. This eliminates the need of an additional current transformer. The analog output signal can also be used as an analog input to a PLC.

Fieldbus communication

ABB's FieldBusPlug supports most common fieldbus protocols. Using a PLC simplifies setup of the softstarter and gives status information in real-time as well as control of the softstarter.

Display and keypad

The PST(B) softstarter is equipped with a full text display showing all information in clear text in your own language. To make it even easier to setup, there are standard settings for many common applications, such as centrifugal pump. Selecting this will automatically provide all required settings including torque control when stopping.

External keypad

As an option, the PST(B) softstarter can be equipped with an external keypad for easy setup and monitoring of the unit without opening the enclosure door. The keypad can also be used to copy parameters between different softstarters.

  • Wide rated operational voltage 208-690 V AC
  • Wide rated control supply voltage 100-250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Rated operational current 30 to 1050 A (Up to 1810 A inside delta)
  • Both in line and inside delta connection
  • Coated circuit boards available, for reliable operation even in harsh environments
  • Full text display in 14 languages and 4 button keypad for easy setup and operation
  • Optional external keypad, IP66
  • Built-in by-pass contactor on PSTB (from 370 A) for energy saving and easy installation
  • Prepared for external by-pass on PST (30-300 A)
  • Torque control for excellent control of pumps
  • Current limit, adjustable between 1.5-7 x Ie
  • Fieldbus communication using Profibus, Modbus, Devicenet or CANopen
  • Dual motor overload protection with classes 10A, 10, 20 and 30
  • Adaptable motor underload protection to detect pumps running dry
  • Adaptable locked rotor protection to detect jammed pumps
  • PTC protection to protect the motor from overheating
  • Adjustable kick start to start jammed pumps
  • Programmable output signal relays
  • Programmable pre-warning functions
  • Event log with time stamp
  • Analog output showing current, voltage, power factor etc. 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
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