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1SFA892004R9002 - ABB 1SFA892004R9002, PSS DUMMY UNIT

1SFA892004R9002 - ABB
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1SFA892004R9002 - ABB 1SFA892004R9002, PSS DUMMY UNIT

The PSS is the most flexible of the four softstarter ranges from ABB. It allows both in-line and inside delta connections. It is the ideal solution when looking for a robust solid state starting solution where many starts per hour are required.

Flexible connection
The PSS softstarter can be connected both in line and inside delta. The inside delta connection makes it possible to select a smaller size softstarter matching the inside delta current. All functionality will still remain the same.

Replacement for Star-Delta starters
As the PSS can be connected inside-delta it makes for a costefficient replacement of an existing Star-Delta starter. You can reuse the two sets of motor cables as well as the contactors and thermal overload.

Solid state starting solution
The robust design of the PSS softstarter has no moving mechanical parts. It is dimensioned to handle many starts per hour, which can be required for, e.g., elevator applications.

Few settings
The setup of the PSS softstarter is easily done using the three rotating switches to adjust the start and stop and the dip switch to select between in-line or inside-delta connection. This will also give a quick and easy overview of the used settings.

Possible to use current limit
Using an external current transformer will make it possible to activate the current limit function. This will allow you to keep the current at a pre-set level also when starting heavy-duty applications.

Product description
  • Rated operational voltage 208?690 V AC
  • Rated control supply voltage 110?120 V AC or 220?240 V AC
  • Rated operational current 18?300 A (Up to 515 A inside delta)
  • Wide ambient temperature range, -25 to +60 °C
  • Settings done by rotating switches
  • Designed for continuous operation without by-pass
  • By-pass signal relay allowing easy control of external by-pass contactor
  • Fault signal relay (NO or NC)
  • Current limit function as an option
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