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Turck BL ident RFID Simulator

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BL ident RFID System Simulator
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The BL ident RFID System from Turck allows items to be tagged and traced throughout the manufacturing process. This tag and trace information can be used to reduce inventory, improve quality, and automate manual processes. With their use, they allow for:

  • Higher application speeds which lead to production efficiency
  • Data carriers with minimal read/write time of .5 ms per byte
  • The modular design of the system provides flexible integration into existing systems
  • With 2,4,6 or 8-channel interfaces and various shapes of read/write heads, it is possible to meet specific application requirements
  • Data carriers are also built with expanded temperature range of up to 210 Degrees C (410 Degrees F)
  • The data carriers feature state-of-the-art storage technology with long-life FRAM for virtually unlimited number of write operations
  • With simple integration into controlled environments, the system offers standard function blocks and interfaces for PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus-TCP, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP
  • Specifications:

    - Customizable in both IP20 cabinet and IP67 field installation
    - Up to 8-channels can be added in a single node of an interface
    - LEDs display diagnostics for individual RFID channels and fieldbus-specific diagnostic messages
    - Data carriers guarantee data retention for up to 10 years at appropriate ambient temperatures
    - Ability to read/write data immediately after high temperature exposure
    - Molded M12 Eurofast BL ident cables available for reliable communication between interface module and read/write head
    - Handhelds feature automatic read operation, automatic comparison of data records, optional WLAN, Bluetooth, and GPRS features
    - Options for read/write heads with UHF wave band between 865 and 928 mHz for up to three meters
    - Already supports 13.56 mHz transmission frequency

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