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BQ1-015-CP - Baldor 1PH Brake, Panel 110-125 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Soft Start Motor Accessories
Baldor - BQ1-015-CP
This product is discontinued and no longer available.

Applications: Stopping coasting loads such as chippers, saws, cutting tools and conveyors. It can also be used to stop wind milling fans before starting.

Features: The Multipurpose Brake is a microprocessor based solid state brake designed to eliminate the problems common to traditional DC injection brakes. To eliminate blown fuses and welded contacts, the microprocessor senses when AC is no longer present before turning "on" the braking. A faster zero speed sensing circuit turns off the braking as soon as the motor stops to reduce motor heating.

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Baldor Soft Starters Manufacturer Warranty: 24 Months*

*Warranty is based on date of manufacture as indicated on the product nameplate. Baldor reserves the right to repair or replace any product that is deemed to be in warranty. All warranty claims are subject to verification by inspection at an authorized service center or the factory. Warranty covers material and workmanship only. Proof of purchase may be required. A 6-month shelf life from date of manufacture will be allowed on all Baldor-Reliance products. (18 month warranty + 6 month shelf life = 24 months from date of manufacture maximum.) Note: Certain high thrust pump or heavy belted motors may have normal bearing life that is less than motor warranty if built in an IEEE 841 configuration. Bearings are a maintenance item and are not subject to 60 month coverage.