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LIM-2 - Banner Engineering LIM-2 MODULE

LIM-2 - Banner
This product is discontinued and no longer available.
LIM-2 - Banner Engineering LIM-2 MODULE

Family Overview - PS24-1 & PS115-1 Power Supplies

This interface module combines the functions of a power supply, a TEACH button, and
an SPDT relay to economically interface dc-operated sensors for ac applications. The
interface accepts either a 24V ac or 115V ac power supply, depending on model. It uses a
transformer to isolate the input power supply from the dc sensor. The transformer output
voltage is rectified and filtered to supply up to 100 milliamps to run dc sensors.
An integral TEACH push button can be used to activate the TEACH functions of a Banner
Expert sensor. Remote TEACH capability also is available on all models.

The SPDT relay is controlled via the relay coil input. A dc sensor output (either sinking or
sourcing, depending on interface module model) can be tied to the relay coil input.
The module Yellow LED is ON when the sensor output is active. The module Green LED is
used as a Power indicator.