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ES-TN-1H2 - Banner Engineering ES FIXED DELAY 0.5S, DELAYED OUTPUT

ES-TN-1H2 - Banner Engineering
This product is discontinued and no longer available.

Modules monitor normally-closed emergency stop switch circuits or safety interlock switch circuits for a contact failure or wiring fault.

  1. ES-UA-5A/ES-VA-5A & ES-TN-1H.. Modules
  2. ES-TN-14H5/ES-TN-14H6 Modules
  3. ES-TA-3F1 Module
  4. ES-TA-3D1 Module
  5. ES-FA-9AA/ES-FA-11AA & GM-FA-10J Modules
  6. ES-FA-6G Module

Product Highlights:

  • Modules monitor up to 10 external devices for contact failure or wiring faults.
  • Module goes into lockout mode if it detects a fault.
  • Available voltages include 24V dc; 24V ac/dc; 115V ac or 12 to 24V dc; or 230V ac or 12 to 24V ac/dc.
  • Modules monitor positive-opening E-stop and interlock switches.
  • Models are available with 2 to 4 normally open safety outputs, depending on module.
  • Safety outputs are rated 4 or 6 amps, depending on module.
  • Non-safety auxiliary outputs are available on most modules.
  • Modules are available with an adjustable output delay of 0-20 or 0-200 seconds, depending on module.
  • Two modules allow central monitoring and control over a DeviceNet control network.
  • Ratings are NEMA 1 and at least IEC IP20.
  • Housings are rugged polycarbonate.
  • Bright red and green LED indicators show module's operating status.