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E94R020S1NRM Lenze AC Tech Servo Drive: 2 In (6 Imax), 120VAC Doubler 1 phase input

E94R020S1NRM Lenze AC Tech Servo Drive
This product is discontinued and no longer available.  Please call for a suggested replacement.
E94R020S1NRM Lenze AC Tech Servo Drive: 2 In (6 Imax), 120V Input, 240V Output Doubler 1 phase input

Additional Product Information:

The Lenze AC Tech PositionServo series of drives have it all. From basic torque and velocity control to fully programmable coordinated motion, you choose your level of control.

As a distributed drive/control solution, avoid all of the costly cables and connections and put the power of the motion controller in the same package as the drive. With 17 programmable I/O points, machine control becomes easy with one packaged solution.

Each drive ships with commissioning software on CD and allows for a clean Window's based environment for drive setup and programming. Communication and networking are handled over Ethernet as a standard, but the drive can also provide options for RS-485 and Can Open.

The PositionServo can perform along with the most high-level control and drive solutions in the market and can work with both standard synchronous servo motors and asynchronous induction motors. By combining a highly efficient drive with a flexible, easy-to-use control, the PositionServo is packed with features and performance all for a great price!

Standard Features

Control Modes:

Digital Inputs:
11 Programmable, 5-24VDC, Optically Isolated
1 Dedicated, 5-24VDC, Optically Isolated

Digital Outputs:
4 Programmable, 5-24VDC @100mA, optically isolated open collector
1 Dedicated, 5-24VDC @ 100mA, optically isolated open collector

Analog Inputs:
1 Programmable, +/-10V differential, 16-bit resolution
1 Programmable, +/-10V differential, 10-bit resolution

Analog Outputs :
1 Programmable, +/- 10V single-ended, 10-bit resolution

Standard: RJ-45 Ethernet Interface with Modbus TCP/IP protocol

Power Features:
80 - 528 VAC
2 - 18 Amps Continuous RMS Current
300% Peak Current

Electronic Programming Module (EPM) - Removable Memory
Free Motion View Software for Configuration and Programming
Built-in, "Real Time", Oscilloscope
Free DLL Library and Programming Examples

Feedback Options:
Integrated Incremental Encoder
Integrated Resolver with Scalable Emulated Encoder Output
Optional Second Encoder Module for Dual Loop Control
Dynamic Braking Resistors

EMC Filter
To meet the EU requirements for susceptibility and emissions of electrical and radiated noise the PositiionServo Drive is equipped with EMC filter options that can be mounted externally, or integrated into the drive.

I/O Breakout Modules

Terminal Block I/O Module: allows for screw terminal locations for all 50 pins on the SCSI Port for Control I/O.

Panel Saver Module: useful in applications where panel depth is at a minimum. This module allows for an easy 90 degree rotation of all face mounted cables for the PositionServo Drive.

I/O Expansion Cable: 2 Meter cable that mates to the 50 pin SCSI Control I/O port and terminates every pin to a specified and tinned location at the end of the cable.


In addition to the Standard Communications capability of the PositionServo drive, other communications options can be added to expand the networking capability.

RJ-45 Ethernet Interface with Ethernet IP protocol

CAN open 250/500/1000 KBPS

RS-485 @ 38.4 KBPS (addressable to 32 devices) PPP, or Modbus RTU Slave

RS-232 Interface

- in IP 20 encl.