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FWS2505A-24-230V - Schmersal FWS Fail-to-safe Standstill Monitor ( 101181693 )

FWS2505A 24-230V  - Schmersal
FWS2505A 24-230V
Price: $559.00
Manufacturer SKU: FWS2505A 24-230V
Manufacturer ID: 101181693

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Part Number: FWS2505A-24-230V

FWS2505A-24-230V - Schmersal FWS Fail-to-safe Standstill Monitor

The fail-safe standstill monitors are designed for control cabinet mounting. Standstill monitors serve for the fail-safe detection of the machine standstill and control of solenoid interlocks. As soon as the fail-safe standstill monitor has detected the standstill, the solenoid interlock is controlled through the potential-free contacts of two safety relays. For the standstill detection, the signals of two proximity switches are evaluated. The fail-safe standstill monitors meet the requirements of PL d or control category 3 to EN ISO 13849-1.

pdfDownload the FWS2505A 24-230V Operating Instructions in PDF format