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IFFM 08P37A3/O1S05 - Baumer Inductive Proximity Sensor: Rectangular

IFFM 08P37A3/O1S05 - Baumer - Baumer
IFFM 08P37A3/O1S05
Manufacturer SKU: IFFM 08P37A3/O1S05

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Part Number: IFFM-08P37A3-O1S05
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Around the globe, automation would not be the same without non-contact inductive proximity sensors. For decades, millions of such metal-detecting devices have been monitoring presence, measuring movement and position of machine parts, valves and gears. Reliably. Day in and day out. Even in high-speed applications, exposed to the toughest industrial conditions, inductive proximity sensors safely detect steel targets as well as non-ferrous metal targets. The sensors provide feedback with precise switching points and extremely high repeat accuracy.

The range of inductive 3-wire sensors consists of two basic designs:

  • Sensors with digital output providing accurate on/off information
  • Sensors with analog output providing absolute distance information

Both technologies are available in a wide range of housing styles ranging from subminiature to standard size enclosures.