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Remote Lync
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Kidde Kidde Remote Lync Monitor (21026465)

Kidde Remote Lync Monitor (21026465)

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Remote Lync - Camera & Monitor

Remote Lync Camera

The innovative RemoteLync Home Security Camera features an intuitive mobile app that communicates with a cordless, long-life, Wi-Fi camera. The RemoteLync Home Security Camera also leverages your trusted friends and family to make home security more accessible.

When motion is detected, the RemoteLync Home Security Camera app sends an alert via email or push notification to your mobile device, and to the people you set up in your network. At the same time, inside your home, the camera sounds an alarm. Immediately after motion is detected, the camera starts recording video. After receiving an alert, you and your network can view video of the incident. Depending on the situation, you can dismiss the alert or take action. The camera will continue recording so long as it senses motion in your home.

Remote Lync Monitor

RemoteLync notifies homeowners of a home emergency when they're away – offering peace of mind at a great value. Ideal for a primary residence, vacation home or rental property, the device plugs into a single outlet, listens for a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, and uses the home's; WiFi to remotely alert the homeowner on iOS®- and Android™ - compatible phones and tablets.*

The RemoteLync monitoring solution works with a home's existing alarms and Wi-Fi and does not require additional products or monthly fees. It uses patented technology to distinguish smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from background noise to reduce the chance of a nuisance alarm. When an alarm triggers the device, RemoteLync communicates via a free app that can be customized to notify an entire network, including neighbors and family, or give you, or someone in your network, the option to dial 911.

Remote Monitoring - Why it's needed:

A home fire happens every 70 seconds in the U.S. With RemoteLync, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their homes' smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are being monitored while they're away - 24 / hours day, 7 / days week.