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M1475E Lenze AC Tech MC1000 Series Drive: 7.5 HP (5.5 kW), 480V 3Phase Input in NEMA 4X encl.

M1475E Lenze AC Tech MC1000 Series Drive
This product is discontinued and no longer available. The suggested replacement is the SMVector series model
M1475E Lenze AC Tech MC1000 Series Drive: 7.5 HP (5.5 kW), 400-480V 3Ø input in NEMA 4X encl.

Additional Product Information:

The Lenze AC Tech MC Series drives are built in rugged steel enclosures that hold up to daily life on the factory floor. The easy to read 16 character LCD display above the drive keypad allows for easy and intuitive set up as well as daily operation.

This constant horsepower drive can be set up for simple applications requiring ramped start, ramped stop and speed control to demanding applications that require PID set-point control and many other functions. Most applications will use the MC1000 with a keypad that includes Start, Stop, up, down, forward/reverse, Program/Run, Auto/Manual and Enter buttons.

The MC1000 industrial drives

The intelligent, versatile and cost-effective choice for industrial applications. From harsh environments to high torque loads, the MC1000 Series microdrives meet the toughest requirements with outstanding reliability, at a low cost. The easy-to-program MC1000 offers full features, extensive I/O, and a full array of programmable functions. The MC1000 is available in a power range of 1/4 to 150 HP (0.18 - 110 kW) and voltages ranging from 115 to 575 VAC.

With its Enhanced Torque System (ETS), a highly efficient sine coding algorithm and auto-voltage boost, the MC1000 delivers maximum starting and accelerating torque and tight speed regulation, even under fluctuating load conditions. A built-in, UL-approved thermal overload provides full motor protection.

MC1000 drive features

  • Manual boost for high starting torque
  • Auto-boost for high torque acceleration at any speed
  • Adjustable units display: Hz, RPM, %, /SEC, /MIN, /HR
  • Slip compensation for tight speed regulation even under fluctuating loads
  • Control configuration: local, remote, both, serial communications
  • Auxiliary outputs - two open collector outputs and a Form-C relay. Functions include: Run, Fault, Inverse Fault, Fault Lockout, At Commanded Speed, Above a Preset Speed, Current Limit, Auto/ Manual Mode Indication, PID High/Low Alarms
  • Modbus Serial Communication Protocol

Expand the capabilities of your MC drive with the following options.

All options can be factory installed or field installed.

  • Dynamic Braking: for faster stopping or deceleration
  • Additional Form-C relay
  • Remote Keypad
  • PID: direct or reverse acting with adjustable Proportional, Integral, and Derivative gains, signal calibration, high and low level alarms. programming.

Technical Specs:
Product Code:M1475E
Series:MC1000 Series Variable Speed AC Motor Drive
Input Voltage:400 / 480 VAC
Power Rating:7.5 HP
Input Phase:Three phase input only
Enclosure:NEMA 4X Watertight, Corrosion resistant (Stainless Steel)