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MH4300B Lenze AC Tech MCH Series Drive: 30 HP (22 kW), 480V 3Ø input in NEMA 1 enclosure

MH4300B Lenze AC Tech MCH Series Drive
This product is discontinued and no longer available.
MH4300B Lenze AC Tech MCH Series Drive: 30 HP (22 kW), 400-480V 3Ø input in NEMA 1 enclosure

Additional Product Information:

The Lenze AC Tech MCH Series variable frequency drive has been specifically designed for HVAC loads such as fans, pumps and cooling towers. The application specific keypad offers easy operation. Features especially useful for fan or pump applications include:

  • HOA keys to mimic traditional Hand, Off, and Auto functions
  • PID set point control
  • Hour and kWh meters
  • 2 character plain English backlit LCD display with adjustable viewing angle

The MCH Series is available as a basic drive by itself or as part of a package.

Expand the capabilities of your MCH drive with the following options:

  • Dynamic Braking: for faster stopping or deceleration
  • Remote Keypad / Display
  • Communications: The standard MCH Series drives all contain RS-485 Modbus RTU communications. Other popular HVAC communication protocols are optionally available in the MCH Series. The protocols include Johnson Controls Metasys N2, Siemens P1, BACNet and Echelon LONWorks.

Technical Specs:
Product Code:MH4300B
Series:MCH Variable Torque Series
Input Voltage:480/400 VAC (For 380, 415, 440, 460 and 480 Vac; 50 or 60 Hz)
Power Rating:30 HP
Enclosure Type:NEMA 1 General Purpose, vented
Communication Protocol:Modbus RTU (Standard)
Construction:Basic MCH Series Drive only