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Q23SN6LPQ - Banner Engineering Q23 Series: Polarized Retroreflective, Range: 100 mm - 2m; Input: 10-30V dc, Output: Complementary NPN, 6" Pigtail Quick-Disconnect Connector

Q23SN6LPQ - Banner Engineering
This product is discontinued and no longer available. Call for replacement.
Q23 series miniature self-contained dc polarized retroreflective mode in a right-angle housing with a 4-Pin Pico QD:

Totally self-contained; 10 to 30V dc operation
Powerful visible red sensing beam simplifies setup and alignment
Sensors include self-diagnostic circuitry; one output may be used as a marginal signal alarm
Circuitry is completely sealed in ABS housing; rated IP67 and NEMA 6
NPN (sinking) model; outputs are short circuit protected and rated for up to 150 milliamp load
LED indications for Power ON, Output Status (including overload condition), Alignment and Marginal Signal
Stainless steel right-angle mounting bracket and hardware are included