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TPC3533151S - Acme Electric, Powerwise C3 C SL-3 Super Efficient Transformers , Powerwise C3 , Three Phase, 60 Hz, 115 Degree C Rise , 480 Delta Primary Volts, Copper , 208Y/120 Secondary Volts

TPC3533151S - Acme Electric
Price: $9,253.29
Manufacturer SKU: TPC3533151S
Manufacturer ID: 04750320593

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Part Number: TPC3533151S

TPC3533151S - Acme Electric, Powerwise C3 C SL-3 Super Efficient Transformers, Powerwise C3, Three Phase, 60 Hz, 115 Degree C Rise, 480 Delta Primary Volts, Copper, 208Y/120 Secondary Volts

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The C3 Transformers Family
Acme Powerwise C3 Transformers are 30% better performing in efficiency than standard TP1 transformers. Thanks to a more efficient core and higher-grade electrical steel that minimizes losses, these energy-efficient units even exceed the requirements of the US Department of Energy Candidate Standard Level (CSL) 3 performance standard, commonly referred to as "C3".

Depending on the kVA size, this increase in efficiency can save thousands of dollars in energy costs per transformer. Whether you are looking to upgrade your older pre-TP1 transformers or specify the highest-efficiency transformers on your new project, Acme Powerwise C3 Transformers can deliver the power and performance you need.

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