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TPNS02533143S - Acme Electric, ( K FACTOR) 20, 150 Degree C RISE , Three Phase, 60 Hz , 480 Delta Primary Volts , 208Y/120 Secondary Volts

TPNS02533143S - Acme Electric
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TPNS02533143S - Acme Electric, ( K FACTOR) 20, 150 Degree C RISE, Three Phase, 60 Hz, 480 Delta Primary Volts, 208Y/120 Secondary Volts

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The Non-Linear Load Family
Non-linear loads generate high levels of harmonic currents. When supplying power to these loads, a special transformer design is necessary.

Typical non-linear loads include desktop computers, AC variable speed drives, HID lighting, electronic ballasts, inverters and welders. Of these non-linear loads, the major source of harmonic currents is the switch mode power supply found in desktop computers, data processors and other office equipment.

Acme Non-Linear Load Isolation Transformers® use special winding techniques to minimize eddy current losses generated by harmonic currents. A double-sized neutral conductor handles the excessive neutral current found in non-linear load applications.

Acme Non-Linear Load Isolation Transformers are shielded for cleaner power and carry the Acme exclusive 10-year limited warranty.

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