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ERD Electric Rod-Style Actuators

The ERD is an economical rod-style electric actuator designed as an alternate to non-repairable pneumatic cylinders.

The ERD electric rod-style actuators are designed as an economical electric alternative to non-repairable pneumatic cylinders and provide design engineers with a new option for automating manual processes. Sleek and compact, ERD electric rod-style actuators deliver forces up to 75 pounds (334 N) at speeds up to 40 inches per second (1,016 mm/sec).

The ERD electric rod-style actuator is available in body sizes that are equivalent to 5/8", 1" and 1.5" bore non-repairable pneumatic cylinders. These three sizes are available in stroke lengths up to 8, 10 and 12 inches, respectively, and forces up to 20, 40 and 75 pounds. The three sizes, from small to large, accept NEMA 11, 17 or 23 frame stepper and servo motors. The acme lead screw is made of high-performance steel and is available in three lead sizes per size to optimize speed or force.

The ERD actuators can accommodate six different sensing or switching choices: reed, solid state PNP (sourcing) or solid state NPN (sinking), normally open, flying leads or quick-disconnect. The switches are activated by a standard internal magnet located inside the thrust tube. Commonly used for end-of-stroke positioning, these switches allow clamp-on installation anywhere along the actuator tube. All switches are CE rated and are RoHS compliant for environmental compatibility.


  • 3 different body sizes
  • 9 different screw selections
  • Thrust capabilities up to 75 lbs.
  • Strokes in any incremental length up to 12 inches
  • Conforms to NEMA motor mount standard