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GSA Guided Screw Actuators

The Tolomatic Axidyne GSA (Guided Screw Actuator) combines their rod screw actuator with guide rails, mounting blocks and bearings. Designed for mounting flexibility in mind, the GSA offers 3 different screw sizes from .375 inch to .750 inch with either Acme or Ball Nut screw configurations. The GSA's thrust capabilities range from 70 lbs to 2500 lbs. Guided rods are made of hardened steel with either linear ball or composite bearings. Construction of the housing is one piece and reverse parallel for better strength, while an easy access lubrication port avoids disassembly for maintenance. Tube extrusion design allows switches to be easily mounted on all four sides. GSA options include gearhead reduction, multiple switch configurations, C-face brakes (for 23 and 34 frames), and stop collars.

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