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Tolomatic Servo Drives

Introducing the Tolomatic AxiomPlus Motion Control System. Version 2.5x of the popular "all-in-one" motion control system now includes an analog input and ModBus RTU. The analog input enables features such as force, velocity or position control based on the analog input voltage. Modbus RTU allows connection to a wide array of human machine interfaces (HMIs) as well as the ability to connect several controllers together. The enhanced software has many improved features including debugging mode, a "watch window" for monitoring changing values of registers and flags, and additional sequential programming functions.

Ideal for control in linear actuation applications, version 2.5x has expanded software capability including new registers for counter, timer, and analog values in addition to position, velocity and torque limit. PLC flags and I/O can be read and written via ModBus or serial port ASCII commands. To expand the system's capabilities, a number of sequential programming and PLC instructions have been added, and the debug mode allows the user run the program in single, multiple or specific steps while monitoring changing values on a watch window in real-time. The dual use analog input can be used as either analog or digital inputs, and the system is available in 10, 20 or 30 amp peak models. The easy-to-use software features ladder logic programming for the PLC function, with a sequential motion programmer for the single axis control. Internal flags can be used to communicate between the PLC and the sequential motion programs. This is a distinct advantage over many systems that allow only physical I/O to communicate between the motion controller and the PLC.

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