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Danaher Specialty Products
Versacount Series Multifunction Counters FLEX Series Panel Meters
The Veeder-Root VersaCount 1/16 DIN size multifunction counter is the most versatile counter on the market today. The VersaCount is the only device you need when Versatility Counts.
The FLEX Analog Panel Meters offer many features and performance capabilities to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Available in five different models to handle various analog inputs, including DC Voltage/Current, AC Voltage/Current, Process, Temperature, and Strain Gage Inputs.
Electronic Totalizing Counters Hubodometers
A totalizer is a counter that sums the ‚útotal‚Ě number of cycles applied to its input. Many applications require only additive counting, but we also offer electronic totalizers with bidirectional (add and subtract) capability for specialized application.
Veeder-Root Hubodometers record every revolution in either direction. The design uses a counterbalance to prevent orbiting (which could stop measurement or undercount the distance) ensuring accurate counts at high speeds or rough terrain.

Mechanical/Electric Counters Electronic Predetermining Counters
Mechanical and electric totalizers are visual display devices that register counts based on a rotary or ratcheting input. Most types are available with a count capacity of 5 to 8 digits.
Predetermining counters (or preset counters) are essentially totalizers that can switch an external circuit when its counted total matches a user-entered preset limit.
Rate Indicators & Controllers Electronic Timers
Rate indicators provide a digital display of a process. The simplest ratemeters connect to a sensor and give a direct readout of frequency or voltage which is representative of rate or speed.
Electronic timers exist because many processes are based upon timed events. They are available in many forms each with a major characteristic best suited for a particular application.
Electric Timers Process Indicators
Electric timers use the accuracy of synchronous motors to display time or control devices by the measurement of time intervals. Electric timers are found in applications such as fluid metering, batch process control, motor control, load shedding and injection molding.
Process indicators are used for display and/or control of process variables in applications that use analog signals representing pressure, temperature, weight, etc.
Motion Controllers Digital Accessories
A new standard for price and performance in full PID digital speed regulation, with analog input for control of dancer position or web tension
Digital accessories are designed to enhance the performance and extend the capabilities of electronic indicators and controllers to meet differing application needs.

Veeder-Root offers the broadest selection of rugged and economical electronic, electromechanical and mechanical counters. Veeder products encompass a complete line of totalizing, preset and predetermining electronic counters as well as diverse process and rate indicators. Veeder-Root, the world's best known name in counters, has provided non-stop performance and production monitoring in industrial manufacturing applications for over 100 years.
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