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  • Emergency Stop Switches

    Emergency stop switches are either push-to-lock or turn-to-reset with contact ratings up to 10A.

  • Key Selector Switches

    Key-operated for added security and available with two or three selector positions, and with contact ratings up to 10A.

  • Pilot Lights

    Available in seven colors, models can operate from a 110V AC, 220V AC or 24V DC power source.

  • Pushbuttons

    Available in six colors and a choice of flush, extended and mushroom styles in normally-open and normally-closed configurations.

  • Selector Switches

    Available with two or three selector positions, and with contact ratings up to 10A.


Safety for operators in hazardous locations is critical. IDEC’s hazardous location switches and boxes provide security in applications up to Class I Zone 1. Fully sealed contacts and enclosures limit the energy which is required for an explosion, thus keeping operators safe. These switches and boxes come in a variety of options, allowing for the right combination in any application.

  • EU2B Series
    Complying with UL and ATEX Directives for hazardous environments, new 30mm EU2B Hazardous Location Switches provide increased safety for your applications. With a Class 1, Zone 1 rating, the EU2B family offers more versatility than Class 1 Division 2 products. Featuring UL Type 4X Pushbuttons with multiple color options and operator choices.