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Eaton Cutler-Hammer Safety Switches
Safety Switches from Eaton Cutler-Hammer

Eaton's Safety Switches are applied as service entrance and branch circuit protection as well as motor disconnects for safe switching and lock-out, tag-out (LOTO) applications.

General duty safety switches are used in residential and commercial applications. They are suitable for light duty motor circuits and service entrance applications. Fusible (plug or cartridge) and non-fusible switches are available.

Heavy duty safety switches are used in commercial, institutional, and industrial applications where reliable performance and service continuity are critical. All heavy-duty switches are rated 30-1200A -with a visible double break rotary blade mechanism - and are load-break rated.

Double throw safety switches have two interlocked switches with a common connection. The interlock ensures that both switches cannot be closed at the same time, preventing them from being operated in parallel. They are available in general duty and heavy duty as well as quick-connect.

Industry-leading value creation is the driving force behind Eaton’s Cutler-Hammer series Auxiliary Power Heavy-Duty Safety Switch. This switch gives the contractor an alternative to running a separate 120V circuit to the rooftop or other locations where a receptacle outlet is required.