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Turck Flow Sensors
Rugged design and high repeatability provide an unprecedented level of reliability to flow monitoring. With a variety of outputs, including relay, discrete and analog/discrete, TURCK inline flow monitors are an economical solution for demanding flow applications, such as:
  • Coolant flow to weld tips
  • Glue dispensing
  • Seal water
  • Mastic flow
  • Chemical dispensing and verification
  • Bottle/carton wash
  • Laser cooling
TURCK's inline flow monitors feature:
  • Relay, analog and discrete outputs
  • Solid state device resulting in little or no pressure loss and no moving parts
  • Inline mounting
  • Ideal for low flow rates
  • 316 stainless steel wetted parts
  • Variety of fluid connections
  • Programmable digital monitors available
  • M12 eurofast connector standard
  • Models available to monitor both flow and temperature
TURCK's Digital Read Out (DRO) flow monitors allow you to program set points specific to every application. DRO monitors can be programmed to perform in water or water/glycol, and produce two separate flow outputs, or a single flow output with a temperature monitoring option. DRO monitors easily install with no calibration or specialist for installation and parameterization.

DRO monitors also feature:
  • Preprogrammable media inputs
  • User programmable set points
  • Highly visible 3-digit display
  • Adjustable on/off delay
  • Adjustable filtering
  • Low pressure drop
  • Password protected programming