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Lenze AC Tech
About Lenze AC Tech
Lenze Americas (Lenze-AC Tech) develops, manufactures, sells and supports a complete range of drive and motion control products. Their portfolio includes general purpose variable frequency drives, an innovative servo amplifier line, sophisticated servo automation systems and robustly engineered gear motors and mechanical components. Lenze Americas is part of the Lenze SE group that has over 60 years of drive and motion control history and employs over 3500 people worldwide. Combining forces has positioned them as leaders in global automation allowing them to influence and drive motion control on a grand scale.

Commitment to Value
The finest product at the best price is serious business. It takes continuous life cycle management to achieve this goal. Lenze is always investigating techniques to improve efficiency and take advantage of the latest microprocessor and power module technology. When they achieve efficiency gains or material cost reductions, they pass those savings on to the customer. This simple philosophy has permitted them to build and maintain a very loyal base of customers.

Commitment to Quality
At Lenze Americas they believe so strongly in the quality of their products, that every Lenze and Lenze-AC Tech product is backed with a two-year warranty. From the use of superior materials to process improvements through automation, each drive is built to outperform their own strict quality standards. And they support their products with expert training, knowledgeable sales representatives and experienced repair personnel.

Commitment to Innovation
Lenze prides itself on delivering products to the market that are designed to meet specific customer needs. Their broad portfolio of innovative products covers very simple variable speed applications through complex motion control. Each product is positioned so that customers pay only for the level of technology necessary for their particular application.

Commitment to Simplicity
One of the cornerstones of their design philosophy is to make the products simple to use. Technology only benefits the user if it can be easily understood and applied. Each product is designed to dramatically simplify installation, commissioning and operation for the customer.

Commitment to Performance
Each Lenze and Lenze-AC Tech product is in a class by itself when it comes to performance. Lenze is not satisfied with average performance. The products do not reach the marketplace unless they outperform their competitors and exceed their strict performance requirements. By using the most innovative components, they are able to provide that performance for a great value.

The Promise
At Lenze Americas it is not good enough to deliver part of a promise. Their products deliver the entire package: Value, Quality, Innovation, Simplicity and Performance.

24-Hour Worldwide Support
Lenze's 800-217-9100 technical support line connects you with someone who can answer your questions; any day of the week; any time of the day.

Two Year Warranty
Every Lenze Americas product is backed with a 2-year warranty.