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A216 VFD Cables

lutze driveflex cables

LUTZE is pleased to announce the newest member of the DRIVEFLEX family. Like other DRIVEFLEX products, this cable is specifically designed for use with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and offers low capacitance insulation and UL listing as “Flexible VFD and Servo Cable” as well as “TC-ER”. The UL listing “Flexible VFD and Servo Cable” was revised by UL in July of 2011 and reflects the requirements of drive installations and the power distortions associated with AC drives.


  • Shielded multi-conductor cable for VFD and Motor applications to connect power from drives to motors
  • Cable design for harsh industrial environments and operating conditions with high noise levels
  • XLPE thick wall insulation with low capacitance, ideal for applications with high voltage spikes and long cable runs
  • Compliant with NFPA 79 for wiring of industrial machinery
  • TC-ER for use with cable trays without conduit, which can reduce material and labor costs
  • WTTC – wind turbine tray cable rating for use in wind power generation
  • Dry, damp or wet conditions


  • Flexible XLPE conductor design
  • Non-wicking fillers
  • Effective dual layer shield for EMC compliance
  • Specially formulated jacket for oil resistance and easy strip design
  • Low capacitance cable
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Direct burial
  • UL Type TC-Exposed Run
  • Talc and Silicone free
LUTZE Driveflex A216 Series VFD Cables