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The Baumer Group has its headquarters in Frauenfeld (Switzerland) and employs around 2000 people worldwide, with 34 locations in 16 countries. In the past decades Baumer has established an impressive reputation as a supplier of innovative and high class quality sensor products for applications in factory and process automation. They feature a broad portfolio of standard products all based on a multitude of sensor technologies. Customers benefit from internationally comprehensive consultation and reliable service. In close cooperation with the customer, they develop specific solutions with distinct advantages in cost and performance. Customers benefit from their international development teams, the considerable diversity of the production facilities and the optimized business processes. These guarantee the greatest possible flexibility and promptness in the realization of customer requirements.

Compact, fast, reliable.
Inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors.
Inductive sensors detect and measure simple presence or accurate position of metal object without physical contact to the target. Capactive sensors for non-metallic materials do the same, regardless if objects are solid or liquid. Linear and rotational movement easily sensed with magnetic sensors.

Precise, measurably better.
Laser Sensors. Photoelectric sensors. Fiber optics and fiber optic sensors. Vision sensors.
Photoelectric sensors have revolutionized automation and continue to push the limits ahead. Objects and movements a human eye cannot precisely detect are among the numerous tasks photoelectric sensors solve. Sensors with LED, laser or fiber technology sense presence of objects or measure distance, widths, heights etc. with great accuracy.

Compact, multi-purpose, robust.
Ultrasonic sensors.
Ultrasonic sensors provide information on presence or absolute position of a target or moving object. For shiny
surfaces, for transparent objects or environments with dust and high humidity, the ultrasonic technologies are
often the only alternative to mechanical probing.

Fast, reliable, ultra-precise.
My-Com precision limit switches.
Setting reference points, monitoring tolerances, controlling, adjusting. Fast, reliable, ultra-precise. Uncompromising accuracy tried and tested millions of times in industrial applications. Repeatability of 1 micrometer. For critical applications where spot-on precision is not good enough. Baumer helps you make exactly the right choice.