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Smart Vision Series

A quick solution for packaging lines, food and beverage industries, automotive and electronics plants, the SVS series combines sophisticated technology with an extremely simple confi guration. Unlike other brands, SVS vision sensors don’t require hours of training to use either. These sensors represent an easy-to-use solution for all vision control applications.

With a fast frame rate of 60 fps (60 images per second), Ethernet communication, a teach button, 640 x 480 pixel resolution and a total of 9 inspection tools, Datasensor SVS sensors are the best value for feature-packed smart vision sensors on the market. Inspection tools available include:
  • Pattern match
  • Contour match
  • Positioning verification
  • Width comparison
  • Edge count
  • Brightness check
  • Contrast comparison
  • Character verifi cation (OCV)
  • NEW Unique 360° pattern match
These sensors provide a low-cost solution to machine vision and accurate, reliable and unparalleled inspection. Ultra-compact, powerful and easy-touse, these smart vision sensors work for a variety of applications.

The packaging industry uses vision sensors for everything from inspecting tamper-evident safety seals to checking bottle caps and labels. The automotive industry is also one of the main industries using vision sensors for assembly verifi cation, inspection, and identifi cation. For inspection and verification of components, as well as date and lot code checking, the pharmaceutical and medical industries also utilize vision sensors. As for semiconductor industries, vision sensors are used for wafer inspection or identification.

Datasensor SVS series Smart Vision Sensors are available in two lines:
  • SVS1 models guarantee the quickest and easiest setup via hand-held configurator
  • SVS2 models can be connected to a PC and offer multiple controls on the same inspection setup