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Eaton Cutler-Hammer
E26 Stacklights

The Eaton Cutler-Hammer E26 stacklight unit is a modular system that provides illuminated and audible status indication in all directions. Easily assembled plug-in modular units include constant, flashing and strobe light units, as well as mono-tonal, bi-tonal, intermittent alarm systems. Stacklights may be assembled in a variety of configurations. Numerous lamp, color and mounting options further enhance the stacklight's versatility.

Features, Function and Benefits

  • Standard Stacklight Base
For use with incandescent or standard LED for steady, non-flashing illumination or with flashing LEDs for flashing illumination. Bases include terminal block for wiring, stacklight cover and gasket.
  • Flashing Stacklight Base
Allows configuration of each light in the stack for either steady or 60 times per minute flashing illumination. Flashing circuit for use with incandescent lamps only. (Maximum allowable number of light modules is 2 at 12V, 4 at 24V and 6 at 48V and above.)
  • Light Modules
Available in a variety of colors for both incandescent lamps and LED lamps. To maximize illumination and light dispersion, incandescent units include an opal white diffuser while LED diffusers are clear.
  • Xenon Strobe
Sets are similar to standard lens/diffuser units, except each set consists of two lens units. The lower unit includes the electronics and is permanently fused to the upper unit which contains the Xenon lamp. Xenon units may be placed in any position in a complete stacklight unit. They will flash 60 times per minute when used with a standard or flashing base.
  • Alarms
May be fitted to the top of a complete stacklight unit or directly to the stacklight bases, if desired. Available in three versions, each with adjust-able sound levels.