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Safety Relays & Controller
Safety Relays & Controller

In Human Machine Interface (HMI) environment, ensuring the safety of operators and machines is given the top priority. Door interlock switches, emergency stop switches, light curtains, and other safe inputs or safe sensing products are used for detection, and the safety controller can monitor multiple devices, process the signals and provide the logic to assure that a safe machine environment is established per the requirements of the machine designer.

Controllers & Relays

  • FS1A Safety Controller
    Easy-to-set safety controller with 7 dual channel safety inputs requires no programming to configure 1 of 8 predefined safety circuits, and meets the highest requirements of key safety standards.
  • HR1S Safety Relay
    HR1S safety control relays are compact units designed to monitor safety input devices, which allow machine operation only when all safety controls are functioning properly and hazardous conditions are not detected.
  • HR2S Safety Relay
    The HR2S series safety relays provide users increased functionality and flexibility when designing sytem to meet safety requirements.