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Bircher Reglomat Sensors:


The SpotScan is a compact active infrared presence sensor with a spot detection field of 2" in diameter. SpotScan is the perfect solution to assure safety in difficult areas such as guillotine/pinch zones [where a moving door leaf reaches a fixed door leaf].

Proxy Switch:

ProxySwitch is an advanced non-contact switch based on active infrared presence detection. It is the ideal solution for hospitals, laboratories, cleanrooms and any other facilities where hygiene or convenience are a priority.

Reflex 2:

The Reflex 2 is an advanced activation [motion] sensor for pedestrian doors. It is the ideal solution for all applications including hospitals, nursing homes, airports, retail, hotels, corporate. The Reflex 2 is the most advanced and reliable motion sensor on the market.

Hercules 2:

The Hercules 2 is a state-of-the art motion sensor for industrial doors. It can be mounted at a height of up to 23 feet, and discriminates between pedestrians and vehicules. It is the perfect laternative to induction loops: much faster and easier to install and maintain! Conveniently configured and controlled by the RC Duo, our 2-way remote control.

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