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Get smart with the fully programmable IDEC SmartRelay, a compact, expandable CPU that can replace multiple timers, relays and counters. Each CPU houses a real-time clock and calendar, and supports optional expansion I/O modules to enhance your control and monitoring applications. Program and edit using either the on-board selection buttons and display interface, or our programming software, WindLGC. The IDEC SmartRelay is the ideal solution for managing automatic lighting, access control, watering systems, pump control, or ventilation systems in factory or home automation. IDEC SmartRelay

IDEC SmartRelay
FL1E is an all-in-one controller for simple automation controls. Hardware features include four built-in analog inputs, four built-in fast counter analog inputs, extended memory, up to 200 memory blocks and a bright LCD with high contrast making it even easier to read bar graphs or text.

Programming Software

WindLGC is a Windows-based programming tool designed to program the IDEC SmartRelay Series. You can create, simulate, test and save your programs in just a matter of seconds using drag and drop functions.