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Voltage surges and sags, power interruptions, voltage transients, electrical noise and other power quality problems can disrupt production, damage equipment and corrupt valuable data. Since 1915, SolaHD has supplied total power quality solutions to keep production lines moving while keeping people, equipment and information safe. From the service entrance to the most sensitive control systems, SolaHD offers industrial grade power conversion and power quality products to ensure reliable operation in the most demanding production environments.

Anywhere in your facility from the service entrance to the most critical production equipment, SolaHD can power your process control applications with our power conversion and power quality products.

SolaHD offers industrial grade products to meet the most demanding applications worldwide.
  • Factory automation
  • Inspection, test and instrumentation equipment
  • Laboratory and non-patient medical
  • High effi ciency applications (Energy Star®)
  • UL508 environments such as waste water treatment
  • Harsh environment and remote site locations
  • Building automation
  • Service automation
  • Process control
SolaHD offers many products suited for harsh environments including our encapsulated power supplies and transformers. We also offer a wide range of Class 1 Division 2 products.

When Power Is Money
Power is a dynamic aspect in production and automation. Companies lose billions of dollars every year due to:

Disturbance Cost/Event
Voltage Sags
Momentary Outage
1 Hr Outage: Notice
1 Hr Outage: No Notice
4 Hr Outage

Conditioning your incoming power keeps productivity high and costs down. Using compatible power conversion components ensures your system reliability.

Power Is Our Only Business
Our industrial power specialists are serious about your system performance. SolaHD has been a trusted name in power conversion and power quality since 1915. We provide innovative and reliable products with proven technologies to help control your equipment or facility’s effi ciency, productivity, and longevity. Our products meet strict global requirements and new effi ciency standards. SolaHD delivers total power quality solutions to drive your system reliability, your return on investment (ROI) and your customer satisfaction.

Consider the Entire Picture

Sola/Hevi-Duty is now SolaHD. This name change refl ects our continual investment in new technologies and product lines that enable our brand to deliver a complete power-quality offering. This singular name will be seen across all of our products and positions the brand for growth. More importantly, it signifi es reliability and performance for your production lines and facilities.

SolaHD draws upon nearly 100 years of global experience in developing innovative solutions to optimize operational performance, improve effi ciencies, preserve data and increase equipment longevity. Our comprehensive line of prod-ucts stretch from entrances to load points to communications networks throughout facilities, making our total power quality solutions indispensable to today’s industries.

Total power quality involves both power protection and power conversion. Power conversion choices made upstream can impact the type of power protection required downstream. Only SolaHD’s products and expertise can save you time, money and space with combined power protection and conversion solutions that are right for your facility.