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Its products are mainstays in industries such as industrial wastewater, HVAC, aquaculture, food-and-beverage and municipal wastewater.

The AquaMetrix differential pH and ORP sensors are found in the most hostile applications. Where other sensors typically last months, the 60-series sensors last years. AquaMetrix makes a wide selection of conductivity sensors, more than any of our competitors. Our contacting and toroidal sensors measure everything from ultra-pure water to brine. We offer both clark and optical dissolved oxygen sensors as well as turbidity and level.

The 2300 is truly unique in the entire process control industry. It provides the power of PLC systems at a fraction of the cost of a SCADA system. It boasts 100% web connectivity, inputs for 4 analog sensors and 3 flow sensors, data logging, 4 relays, and email alerts. The new 2250 controller is the third generation multi-parameter, single input controller. It is so easy to use that the manual is superfluous.