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N-Tron Industrial Ethernet Switches
N-TRON Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable industrial network products designed to solve the most demanding Industrial Ethernet communications requirements for mission-critical MIS, data acquisition, and control applications. Our customers are engineering and information technology professionals who require Ethernet products to operate in harsh industrial environments with high throughput and minimum downtime.

Meeting a Need:
It is well established that technology products for industrial applications must be hardier than their commercial counterparts. A wide range of industrial computer equipment is available from a multitude of manufacturers. Equipment such as industrial PC's, ruggedized laptops, control systems, Ethernet I/O, and data acquisition equipment are routinely provided that meet industrial requirements such as:

  • Higher Operating Temperatures
  • Higher Shock Tolerance
  • Expanded Humidity Ranges
  • Ruggedized Enclosures
  • Convenient Industrial Mounting Capabilities
Ruggedized versions of computing equipment are commonplace in factories today. A large portion of this equipment is connected to the corporate network. Since industrial networking equipment has not been available, nodes are typically connected with individual wiring drops to a climate controlled environment. This creates significant expense, complexity, and reliability issues.

N-TRON solves this problem by providing a complete family of industrial networking equipment. This allows all Ethernet nodes (i.e. controllers, PLC's, industrial computers, remote I/O, etc.) to be interconnected locally with high speed uplinks to the corporate network.