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Red Lion has released a new Remote Monitoring Software for all N-Tron Series Switches

N-Tron Managed Switches


  • Full SNMP and Web Browser Management
  • Detailed Ring Map and Fault Location Charting
  • N-Ring Technology with ~30ms Healing
  • N-View OPC Monitoring
  • Plug-and-Play IGMP Support
  • 802.1Q tag VLAN and Port VLAN
  • 802.1p QoS and Port QoS
  • EtherNet/IP CIP Messaging
  • LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
  • Trunking/Mirroring
  • DHCP Server, Option 82 relay, Option 61, IP Fallback
  • Port Security—MAC Address Based

Managed Switches

N-Tron's Switches are designed to meet the most demanding communications requirements with outstanding performance and ease of use. Switches offered are ideal for connecting Ethernet-enabled industrial equipment and they can be fully managed.

N-Tron Monitored Switches


  • Full IEEE 802.3 & 100Base-FX Compliance
  • Full IEEE 1613 Compliance (Communications Networking Devices in Electric Power Stations)
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval (Maritime and Offshore Applications)
  • Extended Environmental Specifications
  • Support for Full/Half Duplex Operation
  • LED Link/Activity Status Indication
  • Autosensing Speed and Flow Control
  • Up to 2.6 Gb/s Maximum Throughput
  • Industry Standard 35mm DIN-Rail Mounted Enclosure
  • Optional N-View™ Monitoring on -N units.
Monitored Switches

Monitored Switches

Why Choose N-TRON? All N-TRON switches are housed in ruggedized metal enclosures, designed to withstand the most demanding industrial applications, and have been fully tested and certified at industrial environmental extremes.

The N-View 2 is a new Windows-based application and a step forward from the existing N-View Technology, allowing all firmware to be centrally managed. This technology is ideal for networking customers with multiple switches installed in a location. It will cut back on network downtime by allowing you to update multiple groups or models at a time.

Key Features of new software
  • With enhanced device discovery and simplified identification of N-View enabled devices
  • Quick identification and reassignment of duplicate IP addresses from the application
  • Hyperlink from Discovered IP address to device GUI
  • Immediate or scheduled deployment of firmware updates for groups or individuals
  • The software is included with all N-Tron series device and can also be downloaded online
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