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Engineering Tools

Software solutions for easy engineering in all phases
During the time between the planning and implementing stage of your machine, you need to make countless decisions that will have a significant impact on the machine's functions and efficiency. Lenze engineering tools will help you along the way, providing the right product to match each project phase and thus making the engineering process significantly more simple and faster.

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Drive Solution Designer Achieving efficient drive dimensioning quickly. Simplified drive dimensioning, optimization of the energy balance. The Drive Solution Designer makes sophisticated and complex dimensioning expertise available in an easily comprehensible way. Thanks to its functions, it helps ensure the best possible energy efficiency as part of Lenze's BlueGreen Solutions.
  • In-depth knowledge about drive applications such as drive physics, variants and energy efficiency
  • Calculations with individually applicable process data and speed profiles
  • Complete drive structure for all of the machine's requirements
  • Shows potential energy saving options at a glance and also makes it possible to compare several different solutions
  • Energy Performance Certificate – definitely an efficient solution
EASY Explorer

The easy way to discover drive solutions. Benefit from yet another link in Lenze's engineering tool chain!

The new EASY Explorer selection tool can be used in the very early planning phase of a drive solution to provide a fast overview of suitable Lenze products. No extensive product knowledge is needed. In fact, all you need to do is enter some basic data and the EASY Explorer will then calculate your application's requirements and suggest suitable solutions. The software involves just 3 steps and is both fast and easy to use:

  • Select the application type: "Travel/Conveying", "Lifting" or "Rotary".
  • Enter just a few parameters.
  • The EASY Explorer displays the process requirements and various solution alternatives.

This provides you with initial drive recommendations, even making CAD and Eplan macros available. If you would then like more details, the solution can be transferred to the EASY Product Finder or the Drive Solution Designer for more precise results.

EASY Navigator Ensures easy operator guidance. Get where you want to be faster with convenient navigation through all of Lenze's engineering tools.
  • All practical Lenze engineering tools at a glance
  • Tools can be selected quickly
  • Clearly arranged, simplifying the engineering process from the start
EASY Product Finder Simply select online and send a request for quotation. EASY Product Finder to select, configure and request additional information about Lenze products.
  • Electronic catalog for selecting products
  • Products and accessories can be easily compiled with configuration tools
  • Extensive range of information that provides details about all of our products
  • CAD data and m-n curves for all common products
EASY Starter Easy-to-use tool for service technicians. Quick and easy commissioning and maintenance. EASY Starter supports service technicians during commissioning and maintenance work.
  • Specifically designed for commissioning and maintaining Lenze devices
  • Graphic user interface with very few icons
  • Easy to run online diagnostics, set parameters and perform commissioning
  • No risk of accidentally changing an application
  • Loading off-the-shelf applications onto the device
Engineer Your uniform, end-to-end engineering software. Multi-device engineering, from project planning all the way up to operation. The engineer for all L-force automation and drive products.
  • For all products in our L-force portfolio
  • Practical user interface
  • Graphic interfaces make it easy to navigate
  • Can be applied in every phase of a project (project planning, commissioning, production)
  • Parameter setting and configuration
PLC Designer For programming processes. Programming and commissioning of our PLC products. PLC Designer for easy programming and commissioning in line with IEC 61131-3. With six editors, a debugger, monitoring and additional features.
  • The ability to create your own programs
  • The ability to program logic & motion in accordance with IEC 61131-3 (IL, KOP, FUP, ST, AS and CFC editor) based on CoDeSys V3
  • Certified modules according to PLCopen Motion Control and Coordinated Motion<
  • Graphical Cam Editor for cams
  • Integrated visualization for simple presentation of processes
  • All important information at a glance during commissioning
TechLink Alongside their actual drive tasks, drive systems in modern production lines also perform technology functions in the production process. With TechLink, you have access to an easily comprehensible and clearly structured tool for the performance, parameterization and diagnosis of drive tasks.
  • Simple connectivity
  • Easy-to-use parameter editing
  • User-friendly method of uploading, downloading and saving parameter settings
  • Control of the drive from a virtual main panel
  • Viewable online diagnostics
  • Ability to unlock the full potential of the EPM programmer
  • TechLink V1.30.22
VisiWinNET Fast and efficient visualizations. Simple presentation of applications. The VisiWinNET® product range is a visualization software platform intended for mechanical systems engineering tasks, the main benefits of which can be found in its scalable functions and in its combined runtime and developer systems.
  • Consistent, integrated visualization software
  • For classic machine-oriented operator and monitoring functions (HMI) and sophisticated SCADA systems client/server technology
  • Quick application creation
  • Ready-made visualization components (templates) and examples make it possible to create applications quickly and efficiently.