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Hazardous Location
Hazardous Location

Safety for operators in hazardous locations is critical. IDEC’s hazardous location switches and boxes provide security in applications up to Class I Zone 1. Fully sealed contacts and enclosures limit the energy which is required for an explosion, thus keeping operators safe. These switches and boxes come in a variety of options, allowing for the right combination in any application.

Intrinsically Safe Barriers
Intrinsic Safety Relay Barriers are essential components of an intrinsically safe application. These devices limit current, voltage, & total energy delivered to a sensor or any other actuator instrument located in a hazardous area. When used in areas with hazardous chemicals, gases or other ignitable atmospheres, limiting the energy is required to prevent any possible fires & explosions from occurring.

With rugged construction and a long life span, these bright LED lights provide a reliable source of illumination even in the harshest environments. Flood lights are ideal for lighting industrial and hazardous location applications.