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Mechanical/Electric Counters
A totalizer is a counter that sums the “total” number of cycles applied to its input.

Common totalizer applications are: item or piece counting, machine cycle counting, material length measurement, and position display.

Mechanical and electric totalizers are visual display devices that register counts based on a rotary or ratcheting input. Readout is usually via decade-wheels that have 0-9 numerals printed on a contrasting background color. Most types are available with a count capacity of 5 to 8 digits.

Mechanical totalizers are very easy to install and operate, and require no operating power or input sensors. Counting is accomplished through direct coupling to a rotating or reciprocating machine element, such as a shaft, measuring wheel, lever, or cam. Flexible enough to fit almost any application – many mounting styles, count capacities, drive ratios, shaft rotations and reset features are available.

Electric totalizers can be installed at locations that are remote from the origin of the count signal. The input signal is a voltage source, impulsed through switch or relay contacts, or a proximity switch or photoelectric sensor. We offer a variety of packaging and mounting styles, reset features, and have standard models covering all popular AC and DC voltage ratings. Our continued dedication to the development and improvement of electrical totalizers has yielded modern designs that are among the lowest priced in the industry – without compromise of quality and reliability