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Schmersal offers more than 300 different safety components for protecting workers from point-of-operation hazards.
Keyed Interlock Switches Solenoid-Latching Interlocks
Keyed interlock switches are suitable for sliding, hinged and particularly removable safety guards, which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security.
Solenoid-Latching Interlocks, operating in combination with control elements of a machine, ensure that sliding, hinged and removable guarding devices cannot be opened until hazardous conditions have come to an end.

Hinged Interlock Switches Safety Edges
A wide range of Hinged Interlock Switches, meeting a variety of requirements, is available for hinged safety guards, which need to be closed to ensure necessary operational security.

The series SE Safety edges consist of a rugged high tear resistant rubber profile, an aluminum mounting rail, a plug-in optoelectronic transmitter and receiver pair and a compatible safety controller.

Safety Light Curtains & Grids Non-Contact Safety Sensors
Schmersal Light Curtains and Perimeter Guarding Grids help protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by guarding points of operation, access, areas and perimeters using integrated diagnostics and parameter settings.
Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Sensors are especially suited to applications where extremely dirty conditions can occur or high hygienic standards need to be maintained.

Pulse-Echo Non-Contact Sensors Safety-Rated Limit Switches
Pulse-Echo Non-Contact Sensors feature AZ200 and AZM200 door handle sensors, CSS Series for use in safety circuits, and MZM 100 Machine Guard Series.

The Safety-Rated Limit Switches are available in a variety of models designed for use with movable machine guards/access gates and for other presence/position sensing applications.

Cable-Pull Switches Emergency Cable-Pull Switches
Cable pull switches are used to start machines and to open or close electrically driven doors, gates and barriers.

Emergency Cable-Pull switches are mounted on machines and sections of plants which cannot be protected by guards. The Emergency Stop command can be initiated from any point on the wire.

Gear Switches Safe Signal Processing
Schmersal Gear Switches are fit for motorisation of theatre scenes, controlling and positioning of lifts, and platforms, gate control, etc. Depending on the contact type, they are used for switching-off or positioning movement cycles. They are geared by means of an axle.

Schmersal's Safe Signal Processing line features products that include safety control modules, output expanders, fail-safe standstill monitors, fail-safe delay timers, input expanders, and programmable safety controllers.

Safety Light Barriers AS Interface Safety
Schmersal Safety Light Barriers are optoelectronic safety devices that are used as entry, danger point or danger zone guards. SLB range safety light barriers are utilized as entry guards to dangerous areas.

Schmersal AS Interface Safety first safety bus system is based upon the open standard of AS-International. Safety components such as Emergency Stop command devices, safety switches, solenoid interlocks or safety light curtains are simply connected to the yellow AS-Interface cable.

Control Panels Automation Technology
Schmersal Control Panels are made with high quality shock-resistant plastic and the control elements are adjustable to the user's needs.

Schmersal Automation Technology line features switching appliances for the mechanical position detection in various fields of application as well as (safety) sensors with different operating principles, also including command and signaling devices.

Safety-related Tactile Sensors Foot Switches
Schmersal Safety-related Tactile Sensors are actuated by physical contact, and tactile safety monitoring devices stop the hazardous movement. The diversity of applications requires constructively different devices.

Schmersal Foot Switches are mounted on machines and plants as permissive switches in cases where manual operation is not possible.

Two-hand Control Panels Enabling Devices
Schmersal two-hand control panels are non-separating protection devices. In general, they serve to ensure the location of both hands of a machine operator who gives a control signal for a movement which can be dangerous.

Schmersal Enabling Devices have good resistance to oil and petroleum spirit and are particularly fit for robot applications in accordance with the ANSI Robotics Standard.

Schmersal Safety Accessories feature products such as cables, mounting parts, SD junction boxes and gateways, adapters, labels, and industrial grade joystick controls.

About Schmersal
Safe living, Safe working

The efforts of the Schmersal group have for many years been directed to producing products for safety at the workplace. From the most varied mechanical and electrosensitive switching devices, the largest range in the world of safety switching devices and safety switching systems for the protection of man and machine has come into being. In their new online-catalogue, the complete range is presented.

For about twenty years now, safety and productivity have no longer been mutually exclusive. Authorities and institutions have followed with great attention the integration of modern safety systems into the machines, thus supporting a free flow of production. The manufacturers of safety systems provide an important contribution to the organization of an humane working environment, in which the machine takes over heavy and monotonous work from the workers without making them subject to dangers and risks.

Motivated by the vision of a safe working environment, the development engineers of the Schmersal group are continuously producing new devices and systems for all sorts of application situations. Schmersal will focus on three lines of business: lift technology, automation technology and safety technology. Their large know-how, their innovative strength and their extensive program are the keywords of their leading position. New safety concepts require new system solutions and innovative principles of detection need to be integrated as well as using new methods of information transmission and evaluation. The growing volume of standards and directives on machine safety has also led to a change in the attitudes of manufacturers and users of machines.

Those are the challenges which the Schmersal group of companies has set itself, for today and the future, as partner of machine and plant manufacturers.

Schmersal facts

The Schmersal Group develops and produces a range of about 25,000 different switchgear and control devices. The Schmersal Group therefore is one of the largest supplier of safety switching devices in the world.

Their program ranges from micro-switches and sensor technology-based solutions to safety-related electronic components and heavy-duty switching devices.

About 1,200 employees (ca. 137 Mill turnover) from 17 countries are developing safety and technological solutions in close collaboration with their customers, thus contributing to a safer world.
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