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Schmersal Control Panels

Standard in higher quality instead of "do-it-yourself"

The basis of the BDF series is a slim enclosure in shock-resistant plastic, which can be quickly and smoothly fitted on the customary aluminium profile systems used in mechanical engineering and which can accommodate four control elements. As the control elements are regarded, the user can choose from a comprehensive range of illuminated pushbuttons, selector switches, signalling devices with LED, key-operated switches and standard-compliant emergency stop command devices.

Adjustable to the user's needs

All control elements have the same contacts. In this way, the user can choose their position on the control panel depending on the individual requirements. Also as the labelling is regarded, the BDF control panels can be adjusted to the individual needs. To this effect, labelling areas with plastic cover are provided, in which two-layer plastic identification labels can be applied. In the course of the development, the Schmersal engineers have interviewed many customers about the desired features and functions, which such control panel should include. The results of these surveys have been integrated in the design of the BDF series.

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