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201-575-AU-OT - SymCom 3-Phase Plug-In Voltage Monitor 475-600V Adjustable VUB with Socket
201-575-AU-OT - SymCom
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Manufacturer SKU: 201-575-AU-OT

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Part Number: 201-575-AU-OT

201-575-AU-OT - SymCom 3-Phase Plug-In Voltage Monitor 475-600V Adjustable VUB with Socket

This product is sold with the OT08 socket

The Model 201A-AU Family

A 3-phase, auto-ranging, dual-range voltage monitor that protects 190-480VAC, 50/60Hz motors regardless of size. The product provides a user selectable nominal voltage setpoint and the voltage monitor automatically selects between the 200V and 400V range. The Model 201A-AU includes advanced single LED diagnostics, where five different light patterns distinguish between faults and normal conditions. Adjustment knobs allow the user to set a 1-30 second trip delay, a manual restart or 1-500 second restart delay and a 2-8% voltage unbalance trip point.

This unique microcontroller-based voltage and phase-sensing device constantly monitors the 3-phase voltages to detect harmful power line conditions. When a harmful condition is detected, the MotorSaver's output relay is deactivated after a specified trip delay. The output relay reactivates after power line conditions return to acceptable levels.


  • Protects 3-phase motors from:
    • Loss of any phase (single phasing)
    • Low voltage
    • High voltage
    • Voltage unbalance
    • Phase reversal
    • Rapid cycling
  • 8-pin plug-in; DIN rail or surface mountable
  • Manual reset option provides last fault detection
  • Auto-ranging voltage
  • Advanced LED diagnostics
  • Adjustable voltage unbalance trip setting
  • Adjustable trip & restart delay settings

Auxiliary Products:

  • 8-pin octal socket: P/N: CT0T08-PC
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