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AZM170-02ZRK-ST-2197-230 - Schmersal AZM170 Solenoid latching interlock ( 101141432 )

AZM170-02ZRK-ST-2197-230 - Schmersal
Price: $673.00
Manufacturer SKU: AZM170-02ZRK-ST-2197-230
Manufacturer ID: 101141432

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Days
Part Number: AZM170-02ZRK-ST-2197-230

IDC method of termination; 2 Opener (NC) contacts; Latching force 30 N; Power to unlock; Connector M12 x 1; Us 230 VAC; Manual release from side (Power to unlock)

The AZM170 consists of an electromechanical safety interlock switch joined to a solenoid-latching mechanism. Both the safety switch and solenoid mechanism feature "positive-break" contacts. In addition the actuator key features a built-in latch (unlocked key holding force of 7 pounds), and an auxiliary manual unlocking device.

• Thermoplastic enclosure
• Double-insulated
• Compact design
• 90 mm x 84 mm x 30 mm
• 1 Cable entry M 20 x 1.5
• Interlock with protection against incorrect locking.
• Long life
• High holding force
• IDC method of termination
• Manual release from side

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