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AZM400Z-ST2-I1-2P2P-E - Schmersal AZM400Z-ST2-I1-2P2P-E Solenoid latching interlock ( 103003724 )

AZM400Z-ST2-I1-2P2P-E - Schmersal
Price: $981.60
Manufacturer SKU: AZM400Z-ST2-I1-2P2P-E
Manufacturer ID: 103003724

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Part Number: AZM400Z-ST2-I1-2P2P-E

*Note: This is only the motorized bolt lock. Actuator is sold separately.*

• Bistable, motor-driven system
• Clamping force 10.000 N
• Release possible against lateral forces up to 300 N
• PL e / cat. 4 / SIL 3 for interlocking and guard locking function
• Two-channel input signal of the guard locking function
• Operation on P/P- and P/N-switching outputs
• High tolerance to door misalignment
• Individual coding with RFID technology
• Coding level "High" according to ISO 14119
• 2 Connector M12, 8- and 5-poles
• Guard locking monitored
• 2 Diagnostic outputs
• manual release
• Electric manual release with auxiliary voltage

The AZM400 is a safety rated motorized bolt lock with an integrated RFID based electronic safety sensor.

Operating Principle:
The Aluminum die-cast body contains the RFID sensor and a motor-driven locking bolt, which fits into the hole of the actuator block with the matching RFID target. Once locked, the solenoid bolt provides a locking force of 10,000 N. The motorized AZM400 is a bi-stable system, thus in the event of a power failure the switch maintains the last locked status of the interlock.

In addition, the AZM400 uses RFID to detect the actuator and indicate a closed guard. This non-contact operating principle limits wear on components, tolerates misalignment, and offers the option of individual coding.

Intelligent Locking:
The AZM400 can detect if the locking bolt has been blocked from reaching a "locked" state. Before reporting a fault the switch will make a second autonomous attempt at locking, therefore reducing the number of error messages and protecting the device and machine from damage.

Safety Classification:
The AZM400 series is compliant with North American and International standards such as cULus and CE. Its two-channel input signal meets PLe/Category 5 (ISO 13849) or SIL3 (IEC 61508) for both its interlock and guard locking function. It is a Type 4 interlock per ISO 14119, with a high coding level with the individual coding option (I1 or I2).

Available Features and Options:

  • Visual diagnostics via 3 LEDs
  • 1 or 2 auxiliary outputs for enhanced diagnostics
  • M12 connector
  • Manual override or emergency release knob for bolt retraction
  • Electronic release via auxiliary power supply
  • Individual coding options:
  • I1: One time teaching process
  • I2: Re-teaching possible, 10 minute delay